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If you live or work in the Twin Cities metro, we have the flexibility of being able to come directly to you - whether that be home, work, or wherever is most convenient. 

If you're not here locally in Minnesota, most of our services can be performed remotely over the internet. It's best if you're fairly familiar with both phones (understand how to navigate around and perform basic tasks) and computers (be able to navigate the Web, as well as download files and install programs). The technical requirements would be:


  • A decently powerful Windows computer (ideally not more than 5 years old, running Windows 7 or higher, Intel Core i3 or AMD A6 processor or higher (or equivalent) and 4 GB of RAM or more). A virtual machine setup is acceptable as long as it functions well and meets the above requirements. Public computers, such as the ones found at libraries, are not usable for remote services.

  • A fast internet connection (minimum 5 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload). If you're unsure of the speed of your connection, you can check it using Speedtest. Public wifi doesn't work well - it's generally too slow and/or is configured to not allow the type of connection that is needed.

  • A functioning USB cable that has been tested to work with the device that needs servicing

If you don't have the needed items for remote service, or simply feel more comfortable with us handling all the work directly, mail-in service with a 2-day turnaround period is also an option.

Screen Lock Removal

Bypass/remove a PIN/pattern/screen lock so that you can get in to a device without having to erase all your precious data.

Google Account Lock (FRP) Removal

Remove the restriction that requires you to log in with the previous Google account on an Android device after it's been factory reset.

Samsung Reactivation Lock Removal
Remove the restriction that requires you to log in with the previous Samsung account on a Samsung device after it's been factory reset.
SIM Unlocking

Free a mobile device of its network restrictions and use it on a different carrier other than the one that originally sold it.

Hotspot Installation

Bypass carrier restrictions in order to be able to use the mobile hotspot function on your smartphone.

IMEI Repair/Unblacklisting

Got scammed by a dishonest seller who sold you a phone that's blocked or blacklisted? Get it fixed and usable again!

iOS MDM Bypass

Bypass an MDM (Remote Management) screen on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, in order to access the home screen and all apps and features as normal.

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