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Q: I don't see a physical address listed for you - do you have an actual location in Minnesota?

A: Since 95% of the services that we offer can be performed remotely, we do not have an actual store or office space. Instead, all of the employees individually work from home, and if a local client needs something performed, then an employee meets with them in person at a public place to handle the work.

Q: I don't see an online order form for your services.

A: Correct. We're trying to distinguish ourselves from every other company who offers these same services. Rather than simply offer an order form (along with no real contact methods), we prefer to conduct everything via direct, one-on-one communication with our clients. This gives us the opportunity to get to know you and all the details of your situation. Doing that ensures that you're not purchasing something that you don't really need, and can help identify other issues with the device(s) that you may not have known existed. 

Q: I don't see a price list either.
A: Our business offers many different services for thousands of different models of devices, and prices vary depending on many different factors -  it would be a bit difficult to create and maintain such a huge list. Additionally, we offer discounts to repeat clients, discounts for multiple services and/or multiple devices, and usually discounts for clients located outside the US, due to the currency exchange rate. So a quote can only be given once we've obtained all the details of the device(s) and the situation.


Q: I don't see a Feedback or Reviews section here on your site.
A: If we did it that way, it might seem like we wrote our own reviews, since it would just be a random name with random comments. Instead, we direct clients to our Facebook, Google, and Yelp pages when they want to leave a review. That way, their profile appears so other potential clients can see that they are indeed a real person who had a real experience with our business.

Q: I see a tip field on my payment invoice - do I have to add one?
A: Absolutely not - it's completely optional. The tip field is there by default, for those industries where tipping is customary - we can't remove it. Tipping is not customary in this industry per se, but if you really appreciate the service that you've received, or if you feel the service is worth more than what you're paying, then you're certainly welcome to leave us a little extra.

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